Kenninghall Morris was born in 1999 for fun at a village show. Since then we have grown, shrunk and grown again a few times and currently have a membership of about 10 dancers and 6 musicians.

Kenninghall Morris dance in the tradition of the Welsh Borders (Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire) now called Border Morris: a tradition that is reputed to have started in the early 17th Century. Kenninghall Morris though, has only been in existence since the turn of this century! We are proud to have had a number of younger members who are vital to the continuation of quirky English traditions, but would like to add that us older members have been hobbling along quite nicely too, and welcome dancers of all ages.

Border Morris dancers traditionally black their faces, historically this was used to provide the dancers with anonymity (a certain amount of ‘persuasion’ may have been used in the collecting of money), and we are no exception but, to create our own identity, use both black and white. Oh … and less ‘persuasion’ when collecting which nowadays, is usually only at charity events.

The tatters - tops covered with coloured rags - are also traditional for this form of Morris dancing, and provide a colour and form of their own. As for the music, the more the merrier: with accordion, melodeon, drums, tin whistles, flutes, guitars and even saxophones being used. The tunes played are mostly traditional with a few quirky ones thrown in.

We dance traditional dances as well as adding our own take on well-known ones; we have even devised our own, some of which are on YouTube.

Practice is on Thursday evenings at the Hinderclay Village Hall from 7:30pm to 9pm.